Pink Flowers

I was bored at work, during a slow day, and started making paper flowers from napkins.  Eventually, I had enough that I had to do something with it. I started gluing onto a wreath form and realized this made a great wreath.  So good, my mom bought it off of me to give to a former neighbor at her new housewarming party.




Christmas puzzle

Another early wreath, I had this idea while in high school.  I bought a puzzle from the dollar store, and lucked out on a winter scene with a nice red barn.  I had separated the pieces, red and white, regular and edge, and kept them in baggies for years.  Then I got a wreath form, and suddenly my idea seemed to be doable.  I found a clip art of a bow and used it as a template.  I am quite pleased with the result.



First wreath

This was the first wreath I ever made.  The learning curve was pretty good; I later found out how tinsel can help fill the holes, where I just kept adding more ornaments. 

It is a 16″ wreath, which made it very heavy.  Tragically, it fell down from the wall where I was storing it and broke into several pieces.  I was able to salvage many of the ornaments and reuse them for base layers on other ornament wreaths.  Also discovered that the glitter ornaments get everywhere, so I am phasing out glitter crafts in my home.  (The arm belongs to my husband who I roped into holding the wreath.  I have since devised a system for hanging my wreath for pictures.)

ND wreath

This was the first monster wreath I made.  I had seen the project online (link below) and was itching to do it myself.  I made this for my cousin, as a wedding shower present.  Blue and gold for the colors of Notre Dame, where they met.  I learned to trim the sides a little, and put the eyes closer together. Also, glitter tulle, like everything glitter, gets everywhere.  I will not use tulle with glitter anymore.



Baby Boy Monster

This wreath was made as a friend’s baby shower present.  It could be used as a sort of announcement when the baby arrived.  After that, remove the ribbon for a Halloween wreath.  The baby (now a toddler) refers to it as “Cookie Monster”.