Articles by monica

Red and Silver

A third commissioned wreath.  Some of the base ornaments are from my first wreath that broke.  I like this wreath, but I would have made different choices had I had space to fully lay out the wreath.  I would have also bought a silver bow to put on it, but my friend liked it.





Silver Stars

My cousin was getting married and I had a simple dress that demanded a statement necklace.  I made this one with accompanying hair clip, although I ended up wearing a different necklace.





Teething Rosary

I made this for my first goddaughter.  It’s easy for a baby to hold, plus lots of tags/loops to hold.  

The white is a little longer to represent the Our Father.  The other loops go in rainbow colors to also aid in learning the different colors. 

The blue of the ring represents Mary, as rosaries do.  

My mother-in-law has a set of turners, which made making the rosary so much easier. 


Part of the cufflink/jewelry box included some of my grandma’s jewelry.  This was made from a necklace that was these beads with gold tubes.  I’m still trying to figure out what to do with the gold, but in the meantime, I made these brown earrings.  Currently my only pair of brown earrings.




Pink Flowers

I was bored at work, during a slow day, and started making paper flowers from napkins.  Eventually, I had enough that I had to do something with it. I started gluing onto a wreath form and realized this made a great wreath.  So good, my mom bought it off of me to give to a former neighbor at her new housewarming party.




Christmas puzzle

Another early wreath, I had this idea while in high school.  I bought a puzzle from the dollar store, and lucked out on a winter scene with a nice red barn.  I had separated the pieces, red and white, regular and edge, and kept them in baggies for years.  Then I got a wreath form, and suddenly my idea seemed to be doable.  I found a clip art of a bow and used it as a template.  I am quite pleased with the result.